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Posts by Carolyn Vreeman

Why Road Construction Needs to Add the “People Component”

Construction on the road in front of our house

Why Road Construction Needs to Add the “People Component” Our street is under construction.  In three months, they say, it will be a totally new, wonderful, perfectly working street that will solve all of the neighborhood’s water problems (OK, they didn’t say it would solve ALL problems, but…) We have had workers of all sorts…

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Introducing SharePoint: What YOU say, What THEY hear

Building a Sharepoint Site

Introducing SharePoint: What YOU say, What THEY hear As an Organizational Change Leader, I’ve designed and developed my share of SharePoint sites that have reached people across cities, counties, and across the globe.  Just last year, one of my sites achieved over 16,000 hits across the world. I’m generally in the “hot seat” as I…

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Why “Lean In” Might Need a Reboot: MEN.


I’m starting my fourth Lean in initiative next week and wanted to update the kick off presentation that includes the number of women in leadership positions. Turns out, I don’t have to update the deck: Key findings from the 2018 Women in the Workplace report indicates that since 2015, the first year of this study, corporate America has made almost no progress in improving women’s representation. Some reports show a 1-2% increase in women in leadership positions in 2018 – an increase, yes, but I wouldn’t call that progress.

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A Leadership Lesson from George

George from The Ball That Did Not Like to Bounce

A Leadership Lesson from George This is a story about culture, and about the barriers successful leaders break through to challenge what we know and become what we hadn’t dreamed possible.  No, I am not giving you the cliff notes from my husband’s children’s book, The Ball That Did Not Like to Bounce here, but I do want…

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Don’t Leave Before You Leave

Don't leave until it's time to leave

Yesterday, I had a few meetings to reconnect with people who inspire me and who I had worked with in previous contracts or employment.  We discussed a number of challenges, but the one common thread that continued to unravel throughout the day through different facets and perspectives was this: don’t leave before you leave. You’re…

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The Homeless Encounter in Seattle

Homeless man playing piano

“Let’s run, Mommy!” We are in the heart of Seattle on a long overdue family vacation. It’s our final day of touring the City, and we’re beginning the mile walk from the water to the science center. After two days of hearing our four year old complain of tired legs, I was ecstatic that she…

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Gen X: The Middle Children

Gen X: The Middle Children

A middle child. I know it well. I was raised in a family of 4 children, the only other middle was the only boy. I play the role of the middle child in my family. At work, I play it, too…as a member of the Gen X generation. We are the Generation X (and some…

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