Why leaders need a personal trainer at work

“I know I need to do these things, and I know they will make a world of difference in my work. I know I need to practice these behaviors and this way of thinking every day, but sometimes I get tired and sometimes I want what I’ve done for 20 years because it’s easy. That’s why I need you. You’re like a personal trainer that I NEED every week to remind me of what I need to change and keep me moving forward toward our goals.”

That was the moment. That was the moment I realized she finally understood the value and importance in leadership coaching. She realistically described the hard work, daily dedication, and self-awareness it takes to achieve these goals. She went on to say how hard it is to change and what it means personally as a manager to identify behaviors that weren’t effective and “unlearn” these behaviors.

She also has the ability to accurately and consistently describe the benefits of making these changes as “the way we’ve done this for 20 years” rares its ugly head and she no longer feels supported by the organization. Through this work, she will continue to question policies and update traditional practices that no longer make sense. She plans to connect with and coordinate a team of colleagues with similar goals to provide ongoing encouragement as well.

For culture to change, daily behaviors must be adjusted at all levels, and leaders require Leadership Coaches to stay on track.

Is it like Personal Training at the gym? Yes. Recently, on a call coaching a personal trainer in building a business, she remarked, “Even personal trainers need leadership coaches. It’s good for everybody.”


Personal training is healthy for people. Leadership coaching is healthy for people in organizations.  We all need planning, accountability, and encouragement to achieve our goals.

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