When opportunity meets FOCUS

2016:  The beginning of the year of change (written in early 2016)

When I reflect, I recognize all that I have accomplished. When I look forward, I experience fear.

I am at the threshold.  I am at a place of undeniable opportunity and I am facing the unknown.  

I have been here before time and time again in many ways. I have overcome obstacles, taken great risks, and achieved things I hadn’t had time to dream up yet- success came so fast.

Yet today, I am fearful. I have options, opportunities presenting themselves in remarkable ways, and yet I fear the unknown.  

And the irony is that I have experienced failure.  I overcame heartache as my dreams and hard work came to their demise.  I experienced moving on, creating new dreams, working hard, and achieving.  I learned from my failures and I survived and in many ways, I thrived.

But here, at this threshold, I feel fear, and this is what I am doing about it:

1) Core Values:   I will work to reinforce the values that are at my core- the values that guide me, give me purpose and help me become the most successful ME on earth.

2) Use my talents to plan:  People are often challenged with the ability to foresee future events, to plan for effective business decisions, to understand their customers and to understand their competitors, to calculate risks and form plans that matter.  I help organizations plan- not through traditional methods that eventually get dusty on a shelf but by engaging people at all levels in planning for improvements and aligning goals throughout.  I will use my talents to plan and update and revise and update my plan, continuously seeking purpose that makes me whole and challenged and revived.

3) Daily affirmation that I bring valuable efforts and skills to the table.  I will take time to view the big picture and ensure I  am on track.  I will seek feedback from within about my efforts and match that internal message with feedback from others.  If there is a discrepancy, I will work to amend it. 

4) Community: I will continue to foster a network that holds me in high regard and envisions a success greater than one person, guided by togetherness.  

I will focus.

And imagine, if organizations replaced the words “me” and “I” in this article with “we” or the name of their organization, imagine how deep the understanding of their own Organizational goals may go and imagine the impact on the people throughout.  Try it.

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