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Having a website in today's world isn't something that's simply "nice to have". Websites are a "MUST have". Our staff will design, update, and build a website with customer experience at its center. We use up to date technology that allows for the best performing website that users enjoy visiting. We specialize in creating websites that are mobile responsive, and look great on every sized screen.

We help small to mid-sized organizations, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and individuals looking to develop their online personal brand.

Vreeman Consulting Responsive Web Design Capabilities

Website Design

Wireframing a Website Design Prior to Building

When we start the process of designing a website, our first step is to send out a questionaire to our clients to better assess their wants and needs. This helps us to determine what our clients might already have, what needs to be done prior to building a site, and what goals our clients have in building or updating a website.

Once we have determined our clients wants and needs, we move on to designing the site by using a wireframe. Using a wireframe provides a visual tool that allows a walkthrough of the site prior to anything being built. Mainly, this is to gain important client feedback and can help to inspire ideas to create the best website possible.

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Website Update

The internet is constantly changing and so should websites. As is true with most technologies, websites become outdated quickly. Our goal is to bring a client's website up to date with the current trends. Also, we look at the projected trends to determine if they will be a good fit for a client's website. Below you will see common topics for website updates.



Just like bell bottoms and frizzy hair, over time websites go out of style. What was cutting edge 10 years ago isn't cutting edge today. That's where we can help. By update a client's website to reflect today's style, we can turn an outdated website into a fresh, new site.



Having a mobile friendly website is a must. Almost 60% internet usage today is done via phone and many leave a site sooner if it isn't mobile friendly. Updating a website to handle those mobile users is essential to keeping happy and engaged users.



Images are important pieces of a website. They assist in driving more traffic to a site, and work alongside content telling the story of products and services. We can audit the images on a client's website, find new and fresh images, and implement them on a website.

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Website Build

Our build process is part two of the design process described above. There are all sorts of methods and systems to build a website. The needs of the client and level of customization required helps to determine what kind of build should occur. 

We work to keep the client involved throughout the build process through scheduled check-ins. By checking in, we ensure that the website stays on track with client expectations. We also perform testing during the build so the website stays lightweight and performs quickly and efficiently.

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