Certification Program

Change is constant.  Are you prepared to lead change?

We are like you.  Our goal is to ensure all leaders are skilled in guiding others through change successfully together.  Since 2016, our experienced team has trained and coached thousands of leaders to lead change successfully within their team, across teams, and across organizations.  

Organizational Change Leadership Certification

Why is Change Leadership a Critical Skill?

Change is a constant for organizations today.  Our leaders need to understand their role in guiding others through change including how to engage all employees & how to achieve success together.

In this 2-day Change Leadership Certification Program, we blend science, professional experience, methodology, & adult learning practices into an intensive program where you, as a participant, will create a change plan for a real-world change initiative that you can implement immediately.

Our program integrates the following disciplines:

  • Neuroscience
  • Psychology of human behavior
  • Leadership competency
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Strategy and Culture Planning
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity
  • Human Centered Design
  • Employee and Organizational Wellness


Our focus is to build change capability in leaders across the world.

Note:  The BE THE CHANGE Leaders certified through this program are authorized to utilize the BE THE CHANGE Tools and are provided support by the training team.  Certified BE THE CHANGE Leaders are not authorized to provide training or certification for others unless they achieve BE THE CHANGE Leadership Master Certification.  Contact us for details about the Master Certification Program.

Process Mapping Session at a Organizational Change Leadership Certification Program

Since 2015, we've trained and inspired thousands of leaders to manage change successfully.  We've also customized change toolkits for some of the largest organizations across the globe to implement their own change programs.

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$2,790/ participant

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