Learn More About the
Organizational Change Leadership

Learn More About the
Organizational Change
Leadership Certificate

Is your organization experiencing change?

Since 2016, we've trained and inspired over 1,000 leaders to manage change successfully. Our goal is to provide training and resources through our Organizational Change Leadership Certificate so leaders are skilled in guiding others through the change process to achieve success together.

Organizational Change Leadership Certification

What is Organizational Change Leadership?

In every organizational change, IT project, or business project, the greatest challenge is aligning people and engaging employees to achieve the greatest success throughout the transition. Whether changes are technological, cultural, space remodel changes, process change, organizational or leadership changes, we help people engage in the change and achieve success together.

This 2-day certification program provides a specialized Organizational Change Leadership methodology, and it introduces tools and techniques to help participants learn to facilitate change successfully. This methodology applies to projects, organizational realignment, business changes, team changes, and other initiatives that impact all employees.

Participants of the Organizational Change Leadership Certificate training will learn:


  • Assess Culture:  Culture has great impact on the success of change initiatives.  Learn to assess the culture and use cultural attributes to guide the success of the change.
  • Organizational Readiness: Our tools provide a clear understanding of the organizational impacts and changes that will affect each employee’s experience through the change, especially in the midst of various simultaneous change initiatives.
  • Articulate the Benefits: Learn to assist each employee in articulating the benefits of making the change versus maintaining the status quo.  Ensure benefits are meaningful and understood.


  • Ensure all leaders at all levels are prepared and clear about their role in decision-making and have the tools and skills to guide their teams through the change. 


  • Motivate and Empower the People:  As organizations continue to change rapidly, Organizational Change Leadership Methodology ensures that employees at all levels support the change and are invested in successful outcomes.  Using the 3 C's and Change Resiliency tools, leaders understand the individual impact of the change and engage employees on their individual journey through change.



  • Provide Clear and Meaningful Messaging from trusted people: Communication is not simple.  Employees respond to messages that are meaningful and from a trusted leader or team member.  Organizational Change Leadership Plans put the customer at the heart of the messaging and ensure all employees are involved in discussion and preparedness activities throughout the change.


  • Using the T.E.A.C.H. model, leaders and teams learn how to understand the current business processes and define the future processes.  They then co-create a plan to transition from now to a successful future, ensuring all employees are prepared and capable to achieve success together.


  • Recognize and Reinforce Success: The most important part of a change is identifying what success looks like and recognizing the success that was achieved by each employee.  Metrics, measures, satisfaction and engagement are all key to celebrating a successful project and creating a culture that embraces change.

Organizational Change Certified Leaders complete the program with an actionable change plan and a cohort of Organizational Change Leaders who will support their success. 

Note:  The Organizational Change Leaders certified through this program are authorized to utilize the OCL Tools and are provided support by the training team.  Certified Organizational Change Leaders are not authorized to provide training or certification for others unless they achieve Organizational Change Leadership Master Certification.  Contact us for details about the Master Certification Program.

Process Mapping Session at a Organizational Change Leadership Certification Program
During this Organizational Change Leadership Certificate program, Carolyn Vreeman and the OCL team apply real stories and experiences from over 20 years of "lessons learned" guiding others through change. The Team introduces tools and techniques that have helped employees successfully implement changes for many change initiatives and projects. 
Is your organization going through change and interested in having the OCL Team help you achieve greater success? 
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$999.99/ participant

Register by 9:00 pm on Nov 8th or while supplies last!

Ready to learn more
About the Certification?

Ready to learn more
About the Certification?