Meet Kelly:

Kelly McIntee - Health, Wellness, & Life Coach

Kelly McIntee is a certified Health, Wellness and Life coach passionate about being proactive with our health choices and daily habits. She has helped clients across the country to establish and meet their goals. Not only has Kelly led clients through their initial weight loss journey, she has been able to coach them to meet new goals after their physical health has improved. Kelly has also worked with entrepreneurs and small business owners to develop systems and habits resulting in a sustainable work-life balance, and business growth.

In addition to being a passionate Health and Life coach, Kelly also has years of experience in Public Health, specifically in policies, systems and environmental change. Kelly worked at Hennepin County in the Human Services and Public Health Department as a Strategic Project Management Consultant and understands the broad needs of Hennepin County employees.

As a wife, new-mother and professional, Kelly understands the demands and stress of life which makes her an empathetic and encouraging coach. More information about Kelly and her health coaching services can be found at