Meet Brandon:

Brandon Vreeman is VP, CIO, and Web Developer of Vreeman Consulting, LLC. He is the author of the children's book "The Ball That Did Not Like to Bounce".  He has a passion around helping others to become the best version of themselves as possible. Whether it be through personal improvement, or by helping them to take that next step in their business.

Brandon handles much of the administrative role within Vreeman Consulting, from contract work, accounting, dealing with outside vendors, to the day to day details. He also does client website redesign and website creation. He handles client Salesforce CRM administration as well as project based coding for clients.

Using his book, Brandon does speaking engagements through schools, libraries, and other organizations to speak to kids ages PreK through 5th Grade about topics like bullying, being yourself, being kind, and being different and okay with it. He also talks to the kids about the process in which he went in order to publish his book.

He holds a BS in Business Administration from Winona State University and a Full Stack Web Developer Certificate from the University of Minnesota.

Brandon Vreeman - Author and Web Designer