The Vreeman Consulting Team

We believe that people are the heart of each organization, and to achieve truly remarkable results, we must empower the talents, ideas, and abilities of our valuable employees.  Vreeman Consulting was founded in 2015 by Carolyn Vreeman, a pioneer in the areas of Organizational Change Leadership and Employee Engagement. 

The Vreeman Consulting Team continues to grow and welcomes facilitators, change leaders, and other professionals in the enterprise excellence, employee engagement, and coaching arenas.

Carolyn Vreeman
Founder and President
Lead Consultant

Brandon Vreeman
Vice President
Business Consultant
Web Design

Kelly McIntee
Health, Wellness
& Life Coach

Dana Hanson
Certified Facilitator,
Trainer & Consultant

Rowzat Shipchandler
Racial Equity

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