Meet Erin:

Erin Barwis has spent the last 15 years in the Twin Cities helping individuals and organizations find success.  With a background in talent development, human resources, and process management, Erin has the foundation to tackle complex situations.  She brings the unique talent of translating topics to best meet needs of the learner.  Erin loves exploring the space between teams and process, especially when done in collaboration with others. 

Erin works with teams to build trusted relationships and best practices to get work done. She sees each engagement with a client as a project, utilizing best-in-practice project management skills to ensure all stakeholders are informed, engaged, and own their results. She has led in-person and virtual learning experiences for 20+ years. Topics include leadership, team effectiveness, individual development, communication, and process management. Her focus is to ensure participants are not only learning something new, they have fun doing so.

Erin Barwis

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